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Baggy Shirt – T. Swift Shopping StyLe~


Baggy_Shirt – New_Look

Trousers – H&M

FLat_Shoes – River_IsLand

Bag – RoyaL_RepubLic_[ZaLando]

Lipstick – MaybeLLine

An Ordinary Turquoise~


Tunic – Veto

Trousers – Guess

SandaLs – N°21

Shopper – Zara

Earrings – River_ISLands

Lady Stripes!.~


Shirt – TopShop

Denim_Jeans – River_IsLand

SandaLs – NewLook

Shopper & GLasses – MichaeL_Kors

Hat – New_Yorker


Somewhere in California’~

Do you ever dream about this unbelievable and impossible things, that you thought one day would be true, when you were a children? i.e. That you will get your you dreamy job, that you will be what you always wanted to be, that you’ll be famous and rich, that you will be happy..?


To be honest, I still have this moments when I dream about all this things, even if I know that all of this is just a product of my imagination.. I think I’ll never stop dreaming~

Slim Smoothies~ ;]


BLouse – Zizzi

SHorts – WiLLiam_Rast

SandaLs – Gino_Rossi

Watch – NN

Bag – Zara

Sun_GLasses – John_Richmond

Japanese Flower!~


Dress – DesiGuaL

High HeeLs – BLink

ShoppeR – E-Torba_PL

Sun_GLasses – Komono

Earrings – Yes

LittLe Secretary!~

From today, Monday is not onLy a working day, but aLso a beauty day! ;]


Top – Free_PeopLe

Skirt – River_IsLand

High_HeeLs – Even&Odd

NeckLace – H&M

Earrings – KOD

MarveLLous Connection!’~.

I felt in love with this TropicaL&GOLDEN COLLors! This styLization reminds Me of hoLidays in Croatia!


BLouse – DesiguaL

Trousers – Guess

Bag – Sequin

Boots – New Yorker

Earrings – Bershka

Waiting for Summer!~

Colorful stylization, just perfect for first, really hot days ;]

Dress – See_You_Soon

SandaLs – BufaLLo

HandBag – FioreLLi_FLorence

NeckLace – SeLected_Femme_Zuma

BraceLet – Morgan

Indiana Jones.

Outfit perfect for summer, holiday journey 😉


T-Shirt – Mohito

Shorts – Bershka

SandaLs – Evento

GLasses – Gucci

NeckLace & Earrings – Six