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SmeLLs Like New Year..

Sorry guys for so looong break, but I had a really hard time at my University.. exams, exams and more exams.. but now I’m back with new power of 2014! I hope you’LL enjoy my stylizations! ;]



Snow outside the Window!!!

I have seen today a first snow outside the window! It’s time for warm, fur Hat!


Jacket – TaLLy WeijL

Leggins – PuLL&Bear

Boots – Marco Tozzi

Hat – Six

Scarf – Mohito

GLoves – Bershka

Lakiery samochodowe

Behind BLue Eyes.

Hello after quite a long break! I hope you’ll like My BLue Inspiration! ;]


Leggins – New Yorker

BLouse-Jacket & HandBag – River IsLand

Shoes – ALdo

GLasses – Marc Jacobs

Ring – Maramba