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Baggy Shirt – T. Swift Shopping StyLe~


Baggy_Shirt – New_Look

Trousers – H&M

FLat_Shoes – River_IsLand

Bag – RoyaL_RepubLic_[ZaLando]

Lipstick – MaybeLLine

Pretty Little Liar~


Coat – H&M

Dress – River_IsLand

Shoes – Asos

Shopper – Gino_Rossi

Lipstick – RimmeL@Kate_Moss

Lady Stripes!.~


Shirt – TopShop

Denim_Jeans – River_IsLand

SandaLs – NewLook

Shopper & GLasses – MichaeL_Kors

Hat – New_Yorker


Spring Summer Breeze ~


Waistcoat & LongLine BRA – Primark

Skirt & Bag – TopShop

Shoes – SeLect_Fashion

GLasses – MiuMiu

Somewhere in California’~

Do you ever dream about this unbelievable and impossible things, that you thought one day would be true, when you were a children? i.e. That you will get your you dreamy job, that you will be what you always wanted to be, that you’ll be famous and rich, that you will be happy..?


To be honest, I still have this moments when I dream about all this things, even if I know that all of this is just a product of my imagination.. I think I’ll never stop dreaming~



BLouse – Unisono

Trousers – SubLeveL

Boots – Jeffrey_CampBeLL

Shopper – Gino_Rossi

Hat – Pieces

Ring – New_Yorker

1,2,3 – Sunshine Here!~


White Extasy!~

So.. What about the dress Tonight? ;]