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BeLLa Rosa.

I just Love Big Sweaters!

Sweater – River IsLand

Jeans – Storm&Marie

Shopper – Kazar

Shoes – ALdo

GLasses – Gucci

BraceLet – CowboySBeLt


Bohemian Rapsody.

Mama, just killed a man, put a gun against his head pulled my trigger, now he’s dead‘.. nanana… This song all day in my head… By the way, good stylization for warm, autumn days 😉


BLouse – Top Secret

Trousers – Caterina

Shoes – ALdo

Shopper – Pieces & Erona

GLasses – Gucci

Coffee Drinker.

Outfit perfect for grey autumn, busy coffee non-free, working day..


BLouse – StefaneL

Skirt – New Yorker

Shopper – Steve&Madden

Boots – ALdo

BraceLet – CocktaiLme

Furry RI Bag.

With each passing day outside is getting colder and colder so therefore in today’s stylization the main role is playing by furry RI bag! 😉

Jeans Top & Furry Bag & Hat – River IsLand

Trousers – Le Temps

Jacket – House

Boots – CaLvin KLein

Bracelet – Sweet DeLuxe